Friday, June 4, 2010

The inside scoop on my summer jumpers

I'm posting additional photos here of the inside stitching on the 'pillow case' style jumpers I'm selling.  Sometimes there just isn't enough photo room on Etsy to show the customers the quality of your work.  So here are additional photos of my work.  I use professional french seams on all seams and facings on the arm holes.  There is absolutely no unfinished edges on my product.  I make the hems 1 1/2 inches so that the purchaser may add a border to the hem as the child grows.  The wonderful thing about this style of jumper is that the top can actually 'grow' with the child - since it is so gathered.  But it does get shorter!  Giving enough of a hem, a border can eventually be added to the garment giving it additional inches in length.

Enjoy the pics.  Any questions, just give me a comment or convo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

PIF - little things make your day....

Even though it isn't an 'official' pay it forward day, my fellow etsian friends and I do not need special days to make each other feel special.  I received a surprise today from my friend Trish - Soapy Blessings.  It was a very smelly surprise - to be sure :-).  Trish's packing is just amazing.  From the moment you open her envelope and you see how she wraps the soap, all the information on the soap - you can tell she really has blessed each and every bar she makes.

I had forgotten that I sent her daughter a masquerade pendant/necklace for her prom.  My husband brought the mail in today and I was thinking 'who am I getting a package from?'.  Mentally you go over what you have ordered, and I looked at the address to make sure it was for me.  Then the light bulb flicked on and I smiled from ear to ear.  I tore open the envelope and of course smelled each of the bars.  I think I'm going to enjoy an unexpected shower today...just so I can test them out!

Be sure to visit this wonderful friend.  Soapy Blessings