Monday, May 17, 2010

PIF - little things make your day....

Even though it isn't an 'official' pay it forward day, my fellow etsian friends and I do not need special days to make each other feel special.  I received a surprise today from my friend Trish - Soapy Blessings.  It was a very smelly surprise - to be sure :-).  Trish's packing is just amazing.  From the moment you open her envelope and you see how she wraps the soap, all the information on the soap - you can tell she really has blessed each and every bar she makes.

I had forgotten that I sent her daughter a masquerade pendant/necklace for her prom.  My husband brought the mail in today and I was thinking 'who am I getting a package from?'.  Mentally you go over what you have ordered, and I looked at the address to make sure it was for me.  Then the light bulb flicked on and I smiled from ear to ear.  I tore open the envelope and of course smelled each of the bars.  I think I'm going to enjoy an unexpected shower today...just so I can test them out!

Be sure to visit this wonderful friend.  Soapy Blessings